Lock the door

HeyCan I help you?May I come in?Your voice touches me like feathers Once againI let you inThe world shakes Somewhere in betweenMy body knows It will breakYour scent I can smell you comingA mile away Your eyes are bastardsManipulators of my inner realmI resist, but againMy body fails The micro mountains And hills of my…

Of Love and Lies

Love is a tramp Seductive lightVelvet smooth Lies Love is your trapLuring scentWelcoming Lies Love are wordsYour words arefrost on the lips Lies Your Lies are realBlunt knivesThey tear, rip and glide Lies Your words are liesWords of loveLies about love Lies

Brand new hell

As we turn deeplyinto ourselvesIn an inward sort of diveTo explore the harrowingof whatever hell is  This brand new hellThe devils are picking upA susceptible gazeWe are lost in a field ofThat neverending doubtAnd the sky is dimThe sky is your dreamMy hope, effervescentYou don’t ever get used toThe icey cold airIt crystallizes on my useless…

Sound of me

In the evening The dark of day Where thoughts are dead And ambitious That may seem senseless But for someone Whose eyes are closed Who lives through voice Yet the world Is not ready For the sound of me

Shades of Silence

When all you can do is scream A certain kind of self sabotage Only because you don’t allow yourself to be heard You walk around in all different colors In a light, so dim Unnoticed Shades of black and grey bleed inside Silently So quietly that you’d confuse drowning with simply fading away And that…