My Name

You ask me what my name is I say my name is life And you say That doesn’t sound right I ask why You say I haven’t seen you live I live everyday as if time were broken But broken ain’t a verb You ask me what my name is I say my name is…

Blood is ink

Embody me In the song you sing In your written prose With the words you grieve Portray me With the ink your pen spills Like every lie you’ve told Like every hope you’ve killed Devour me With your lust For nothing else moves me For no one else, for no one else

Sound of me

In the evening The dark of day Where thoughts are dead And ambitious That may seem senseless But for someone Whose eyes are closed Who lives through voice Yet the world Is not ready For the sound of me

Shades of Silence

When all you can do is scream A certain kind of self sabotage Only because you don’t allow yourself to be heard You walk around in all different colors In a light, so dim Unnoticed Shades of black and grey bleed inside Silently So quietly that you’d confuse drowning with simply fading away And that…

Circus Tickets

“It’s hard to crawl out of my head” You said… I get it Yet, your reasoning sickens me Come one, come all For the circus is on tonight Funny It’s funny how those who act like lions are the very ones eaten by their own thoughts When I was green and blue and creased, And…

I’m No Poet

I’m no poet Though I play with words The same way you play me My silent need to provoke To earn what? Since any attention is positive And neither is something I gain from you I went out looking for you today Through red and yellow of spring Though imagined Almost if seeing grayscale Was…

Twelve glass stars in June

It’s like the ocean Incessant The way it washes over you An hourglass moment Before you taste, saline By then, the universe is dark Infinite shards of glass You’re alone, It’s vast, It’s cold You no longer feel your legs For you’ve forgotten they’re even there And so you let the waves take you Beyond…

You can’t hear it but it’s there

Words are nothing but breaths taken with meaning So many words that that haven’t been spoken but felt Mj Blasco Copyright © All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by me unless stated otherwise


I think it’s easy to forget that in this vessel we are passengers We’re just passing through We are the navigators of our borrowed lives We seem to forget that We are lost Strays in our own personal universe Too big to comprehend Too small for it to be enough It is easy to bypass…

The Paradox of an Untrusting Mind

They say the best way to learn trust Is to allow yourself to fall Into someone else’s arms What they don’t tell you about Is the dozen broken bones You’re left with when you’re done     Copyright © All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by me unless stated otherwise

The hostages

It’s 7pm All my emotions sat in front of me Gagged, cable tied, duct taped Unable to move, unable to breathe They look up at me And they look Overfilled Unstable One by one I make them walk the curb And just like that I’m disappointed   Copyright © All Rights Reserved. All Images were…

Caged Hope

I am the collector of promises you haven’t shared with me yet…   Copyright © All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by Mj Blasco unless stated otherwise