Lock the door

HeyCan I help you?May I come in?Your voice touches me like feathers Once againI let you inThe world shakes Somewhere in betweenMy body knows It will breakYour scent I can smell you comingA mile away Your eyes are bastardsManipulators of my inner realmI resist, but againMy body fails The micro mountains And hills of my…

Of Love and Lies

Love is a tramp Seductive lightVelvet smooth Lies Love is your trapLuring scentWelcoming Lies Love are wordsYour words arefrost on the lips Lies Your Lies are realBlunt knivesThey tear, rip and glide Lies Your words are liesWords of loveLies about love Lies

In Watercolor

A smile painted with watercolor thoughts Diluted in shades you will never see All absorbed on paper thins, A lifeless canvas Your love, a metaphor So warm, so abrasive Bristles as soft as your touch When you are not mad Your words, a blow to the head Ruby red waterfall My grip, my breath Intermittent…

If you knew

If I can’t imagine what it’s like To run through the saltiness Run through the saltiness Run through the faults Your eyes aren’t faults For they strike like light Like lightning Like light They might It might just be enough To hold a stare In my state How would I? How would it hold? My…

Blood is ink

Embody me In the song you sing In your written prose With the words you grieve Portray me With the ink your pen spills Like every lie you’ve told Like every hope you’ve killed Devour me With your lust For nothing else moves me For no one else, for no one else