Promise made of string

Wrap me up in cotton sheetsWhere I’ll surrender to your feet There’s no one else but you and IThere’s no one else to hear you cry I’ll hold you close and brush your hairI’ll make it up to you I swear.

Breaking point

When I was young I was taughtTo climb mountainsThough, I seem to be much better atgoing downhill 

My name

You ask me what my name isI say my name is lifeAnd you say That doesn’t sound right I ask whyYou sayI haven’t seen you liveI live everyday as if time were brokenBut broken ain’t a verbYou ask me what my name is I say my name is brokenAnd you sayThat doesn’t sound rightBut it’s…

Lock the door

HeyCan I help you?May I come in?Your voice touches me like feathers Once againI let you inThe world shakes Somewhere in betweenMy body knows It will breakYour scent I can smell you comingA mile away Your eyes are bastardsManipulators of my inner realmI resist, but againMy body fails The micro mountains And hills of my…

Sad eyes

Mellow leaf trinketLike glass, clear Chipped on the edge Sharp, razor-like Nude winter huesCold, seethed and inviting Intrinsic paper liesCondemned. Rejected Blue like MondayAn abyss, obscure A one way ticketanatomical dead-end

Of Love and Lies

Love is a tramp Seductive lightVelvet smooth Lies Love is your trapLuring scentWelcoming Lies Love are wordsYour words arefrost on the lips Lies Your Lies are realBlunt knivesThey tear, rip and glide Lies Your words are liesWords of loveLies about love Lies

Like Air

Trust and you will only be disappointed Expect and the disappointment will kill you And when you’re not already wishing you were dead Your body will waste away into the sheets Your tears, like acid, burning the skin on your face There’s nothing lonelier than not existing Like air. You’re his air. Constantly breathed in…

In Watercolor

A smile painted with watercolor thoughts Diluted in shades you will never see All absorbed on paper thins, A lifeless canvas Your love, a metaphor So warm, so abrasive Bristles as soft as your touch When you are not mad Your words, a blow to the head Ruby red waterfall My grip, my breath Intermittent…