There once was a woman
who lived in fear

She wrapped all her memories
and kept them near

She boarded the windows
and locked all the doors

She bleached all the bedrooms
and mopped all the floors

She lingered awhile
‘cos she knew he was there

All covered in dirt
but so unaware

There’s blood on the curtains
there’s blood in her hair

She carefully washed it
the scent’s in the air


The neighbors
like seething flies

The woman
With no choice
but to pluck out their eyes

(Even slower)

She kept
them in
a pickle jar

She kept
The parts
She chopped
In the car

She grabbed
Two bottles
One large
One small

She drove
For miles
She stalled.

Mj Blasco

Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

All Images were taken by me unless stated otherwise


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